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Bowling Balls from

September 19, 2006– Came across this site some time ago, and for some reason unknown to me, I keep coming back to it. is a bowling equipment site that sells discounted bowling equipment, to include bowling shoes, bowling shirts, bowling bags, and of course bowling balls. I think the thing that I like the best about the site is the exclusive Got Balls shirts. The sexual innuendo of the slogan just appeals to my maturity level, which my girlfriend says is frequently at 13. Anyway, Cheapbowlingballs, has lots of great gear to help make your bowling game that much more pleasurable, without putting a huge dent in your wallet, leaving you with more cash to bowl a few more games.


Bowling Information

September 19, 2006

Since I have been doing bowling research, I have come across more than a few bowling information sites. One of the best I have found is which has some really helpful articles for begginers, advanced bowlers, and expert bowlers. One of my favorite articles on the site is This Game Should Be Called “Spares” where the reader is offered some stategic advice that will dramatically increase their bowling scores. Another good article which I recommend is Bowling Etiquette, since more than one time while bowling, I have come across people who really needed a lesson or two from Emily Post.

If you are searching for some information that will make you a better bowler, then is the site for you.

Bowling Links Partners

September 19, 2006

Just got some new linking partners, althought they are mostly unrleated to bowling, however, they are all sports related sites, many of which are from Italy. Some pretty interesting sites. I translated the ones in Italian via Babel Fish. The bobsledding site actually has quite a bit of rank. However, I am not sure about its connection between Nascar and Bobsledding. Seems like a bazar connection. Oh well who am I to judge. LOL.

Directory links

September 11, 2006

Directory Caching of category pages is something of concern to those who spend there time submitting websites to directories inorder to get their websites out on to the Internet. This is the first posting for a blog that was discussed on another blog, Network of Sites, where the Hypothesis of getting links cached by creating a list of links that were submitted in blog format was my first post of this idea. Below are the most recent links that I requested for a bowling site.