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Wii Bowling

October 2, 2007

My most recent Bowling adventure was while playing Wii…I was actually very sore the next day after playing Wii Sports.

Although the graphics are kind of funny, the Wii Sports was still good fun for all ages.  Oh, I did not do nearly as good at Wii Bowling as I do at regular bowling( I am pretty bad at regular bowling as well.)


Candlepin Bowling Blog

August 25, 2007

As a result of our first Candlepin bowling experience, I have made a Candlepin bowling blog, which I am intending to sign over to Matt the owner of Bowling Bowl if he is so inclined.

Bowling Bowl of Brunswick, Maine

I made one quick post on the blog, but do want to make some additional changes to include a new header which resembles the sign out in front of the Bowling Bowl in Brunswick, Maine. I will also offer up any other services to Matt that I may be able to provide.

CandlePin Bowling at Bowling Bowl

August 24, 2007

I was recently on a Maine Vacation, and I had the opportunity to go bowling at the Bowling Bowl in Brunswick, Maine. Mind you this was not ten pin bowling that I was used to, this was candlepin bowling.Bowling Bowl Candlepin Bowling

CandlePin bowling is a type of bowling that is mainly in the New England states and the maritime Canadian provinces. The balls weight no more than 2lbs 70z, and have a diameter of about 4.5″. The pins of which ten are up at a time, are 15 3/4 ” tall by 2 15/16″. CanclePins

A player gets three rolls, a strike occurs if the player knocks down all ten on the first throw and the player receives 10 plus the score of the next two balls rolled. A spare on the second receives 10 plus the score of the next roll, and ten scored on the last ball, receives just the ten, and no additional points.

Candlepin Bowling BallLizzie and I only played one game, but we had a great time. Being the balls are so light, our keyboard working hands showed no signs of fatigue.

Another difference between Candlepin and 10 pin, is that the pins or woods, stay in the lane, and actually become part of the play. The only time that a wood can not knock down a pin is if a ball enters the gutter and pushes a wood that is in the gutter to knock down a pin. The resulting knocked down pins are therefore not counted.

Matt Laffely, the owner, said he usaully tells people that have never bowled candlepins, to take their average of 10pins and half it and then add ten, to see what they might bowl.

From the one game we bowled, I found that it seems to be a game of finesse rather than muscle.

The Bowling Bowl, is quite a vintage bowling alley, and if you are lucky enough to make it part of your vacation like we did, perhaps Matt will show you the working of the facility and give you a bit of the history. Matt says that there are some ladies from the area that have been bowling at the Bowling Bowl for well over 4o years.

I was particularly impressed with the workings of the pinsetters. Back when the Bowling Bowl opened kids were paid to actually drop the pins in, and were paid a dime per game. Now the vintage machines do it with the click of a button, which each player must do at the end of his or her turn.

The Facility, which Matt is working on even as I type, takes quite a bit of time and money to keep up with. He has to rebuild the Control boxes, which costs about $800 a piece. The setting devices, which are not manufactured anymore, are in continual need of some sort of maintenance. Thankfully Matt is a very mechanical guy and is able to fabricate many of the parts himself. Old CandlePin Bowling Control boxCandlePin Controls
Well, If you get a chance to do some candlepin bowling at the Bowling Bowl or any other candlepin bowling alley, I certainly hope you have fun and remember to take your time and don’t expect to bowl as high as you would at ten pin bowling.

Bowling Grandma

January 17, 2007

This is my Gram bowling back Bowling Grandmain 1962, several years before I was born. At this point in time she was not yet a Grandma, but would be in a little less than a year when my brother was born. Gram’s only sport was bowling, which I guess in Cleveland was quite the past time. She was even in a bowling league at one point in time.

Bowling Dates

October 26, 2006

bowling pin and bowling ball

I am a recreational bowler that  bowls maybe one to two times a year, unless I get involved with an organization that requires I do it on a regular basis. For instance, I had worked with an autistic lad as a TSS(Therapeutic Staff Support) where I would carry out therapeutic activities with him several times a week. Scott, as I shall refer to him, was involved with his schools bowling team. So one time a week for several months I would go bowling with him. Scott, his school aide and I would bowl about three games each time. This was by far the most bowling I had done in many years, and sober at that. Amazingly, I can barely break 100 while bowling sober. Give me a few drinks, and I can bowl a consistent 125 or so. My all time high game while in the military of 160+ was done while looped. While bowling sober with Scott, I did beat him several times, but he out scored me more often than not.

About the that time or soon after the league ended, I tried my hand at Internet dating, and had several bowling dates at the very same Jordan Lanes in Allentown, PA.  Both dates were very memorable, and I would do again. The first was with a very fascinating lady that was different each time we went out. The second was with Lizzie who is my significant other to this day. Lizzie and I have bowled a number of times since then, but only with kids, not as a date. Kids love bowling too, and it is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Some of my earliest bowling memories are of bowling with my grandparents, who had both been involved in bowling leagues in Cleveland. Numerous times my grandmother would give me advice on how to bowl. These bowling outings, however, usually ended in frustration because I would not do things grandmas way. We are a bunch of hard headed Hungarians.

Bowling alleys are very accommodating, and will go out of their way to help people like Scott or youngsters like my kids. If everyone is able to have a good time, you are more likely to come back and bowl again. There is nothing wrong with using a ramp for a ball if you are unsteady, and gutter guards, which are devices that keep the balls from going into the gutters can be used on select lanes. Anyway, the concluding thought for this post is, if you are looking for something to do, bowling is a great activity for everyone to do at least a couple of times a year. So no matter your physical condition, get out there and bowl…the exercise will do you good.

Bowling ball and Pin

Bowling Information

September 19, 2006

Since I have been doing bowling research, I have come across more than a few bowling information sites. One of the best I have found is which has some really helpful articles for begginers, advanced bowlers, and expert bowlers. One of my favorite articles on the site is This Game Should Be Called “Spares” where the reader is offered some stategic advice that will dramatically increase their bowling scores. Another good article which I recommend is Bowling Etiquette, since more than one time while bowling, I have come across people who really needed a lesson or two from Emily Post.

If you are searching for some information that will make you a better bowler, then is the site for you.

Bowling Links

September 18, 2006

Another block of bowling submissions. Noticed that the site is now not cached in google. Last week I put in Bowling Cache into the search bar, and it was number one, this week it is no were to be seen. It may be fruitless, but I am going to list this weeks submissions also, but in this new post, not in last weeks post.

Bowling Links from The Directory Critic

Directory links

September 11, 2006

Directory Caching of category pages is something of concern to those who spend there time submitting websites to directories inorder to get their websites out on to the Internet. This is the first posting for a blog that was discussed on another blog, Network of Sites, where the Hypothesis of getting links cached by creating a list of links that were submitted in blog format was my first post of this idea. Below are the most recent links that I requested for a bowling site.