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Bowling Links

September 18, 2006

Another block of bowling submissions. Noticed that the site is now not cached in google. Last week I put in Bowling Cache into the search bar, and it was number one, this week it is no were to be seen. It may be fruitless, but I am going to list this weeks submissions also, but in this new post, not in last weeks post.

Bowling Links from The Directory Critic


Bowling C.H. Blog Progress

September 13, 2006
  • I will make a master list and have a link to that page on the side bar under pages, but will use the home page of the directories.
  • Change to title from Cache Hypothesis to Bowling Cache Hypothesis.
  • Yesterday, added 10 more directories, and also added feed buttons.

Inorder to get this site cached, I will:

  • Submit this site to several directories.
  • Add links on several other blogs.
  • Get links on  a few bowling sites.