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Bowling C.H. Blog Progress

September 13, 2006
  • I will make a master list and have a link to that page on the side bar under pages, but will use the home page of the directories.
  • Change to title from Cache Hypothesis to Bowling Cache Hypothesis.
  • Yesterday, added 10 more directories, and also added feed buttons.

Inorder to get this site cached, I will:

  • Submit this site to several directories.
  • Add links on several other blogs.
  • Get links onĀ  a few bowling sites.

Directory links

September 11, 2006

Directory Caching of category pages is something of concern to those who spend there time submitting websites to directories inorder to get their websites out on to the Internet. This is the first posting for a blog that was discussed on another blog, Network of Sites, where the Hypothesis of getting links cached by creating a list of links that were submitted in blog format was my first post of this idea. Below are the most recent links that I requested for a bowling site.