Five Pin Bowling at Delaney

October 27, 2007

Last weekend we traveled to the Thousand Islands region of Ontario, and had the opportunity to try some Five Pin Bowling at the Delaney Bowling Centre in Gananoque. I had never done Five pin, and was eager to give it a try.

Delaney 5 pin BowlingEmperor 5 Pin Bowling

A mix between ten pin and candlepin bowling, but like neither at the same time. The balls might be a bit bigger than the candlepin balls, and the pins are the same as ten pin, but the game only uses five balls. The pins are set up in the form of triangle, I believe something like 16 inches apart. The center pin counts as 5 points, the two pins next to center are 3, and the two edge ones are two points, so you can get a total of 15 points per frame. But a perfect game is 400 pts I believe. The owner of Delaney said that he is aware of only 3 perfect games be played their since it has been a bowling alley. Don’t worry, I came no where near that, but in two of the three games, I did break 100…woot.

Well I will have to say, as long as Lizzie and I are going to the Thousand Islands region for our summer vacations, we will have to make it a point to stop in and bowl a few frames on each visit. If you get to Gananoque, I suggest you check out Delaney5 pin bowling for some great fun.


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